Rise above your situation

By admin
07 February 2014

Olive Mukhawa knew she had to work to make ends meet but this did not stand in the way of her dreams of further education. Finding an IQ Academy advert in her favourite magazine was exactly what she had been waiting for



“I needed to find a way to study, without leaving my job, with an institution that I could afford. I was happy to hear that IQ Academy was perfect for me, I could study part time and I could afford my fees without breaking my budget,” said Olive who is in the second year of her Human Resource course.

Olive sent a ‘Please call me’ to IQ Academy and soon received a call that would change her life. She applied for a course in Human Resource and can now study at her own pace with all the support she needs at hand . “I’m doing very well with all my modules so far and I have access to a qualified tutor on Facebook , I can ask questions and get clarity on what I don’t understand  at anytime and get a response on my phone anywhere I am ,”said Olive .

With the affordable tuition and distance learning support you can study while you work and rise above your situation.

Visit IQ Academy, here.