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Robbers in Diepsloot threaten to kill baby

By admin
04 December 2014

Three armed men who forced their way into a shack in Diepsloot, north of Johannesburg, threatened to kill an infant if his family did not co-operate, police said on Thursday.

"In order to extract more cash from their prey, one of the suspects reportedly put a hand gun on an 11-month-old baby's head and threatened to shoot him," said Warrant Officer Daniel Mavimbela.

The group demanded cash and cellphones from the three women in the house.

They fled after hitting one of them with a gun.

The incident happened on Friday.

Two other shacks close to the one occupied by the three women were also attacked by three gun-wielding men. Police believed the attacks were carried out by the same group.

Two of the men were arrested in Diepsloot on Wednesday.

They were found surrounded by bottles of alcohol and were in a "good mood", said Mavimbela.

A large crowd had gathered for the arrest, and had praised police, said Mavimbela.

The suspects were expected to appear in the Pretoria Magistrate's Court soon.

Police were still searching for a third man.