Romantic Ringo Madlingozi

By admin
02 October 2013

Ringo sings from the heart and speaks to all those searching for love.   On starting

Where are you from?

I was born in Gugulethu, Cape Town, in 1964.

Tell us about your childhood? It was filled with love. I have four siblings and I’m the third son. My family was not rich but we were happy.   On music

How did it all start?

My dad loved playing jazz and I would listen to the tune and sing it to my neighbour. Her name was Benina and I would sing love songs to her.

When was your big break?

I was part of a jazz group called Peto. We won the Shell Road to Fame in 1986. We won R12 000 and spent it all on partying. We had a great time with the boys.

Any challenges? I wanted to do my own thing and split from the band. It was tough for a while; I sang on TV adverts and did not have an album. But I was sure that my day was coming. In 1996 I eventually recorded an album, Vukani.   On love

Why do you sing about love?

Because love is so good and that’s all we need. I used to see boys in the township going from one girl to the next. I think all they needed was to be loved.

Why love songs in Xhosa?

I think it’s romantic. I want people from my community to understand my message and me.