Romantic Ringo Madlingozi Part 2

By admin
03 October 2013

On life matters

What’s the most romantic thing you’ve done?

Sung for my wife … naked!

Does music make you a better lover?

Of course. I think my wife really appreciates my romantic nature.

How can one improve a relationship?

Don’t look for love outside. You must really love yourself and you will be happy that way. In a relationship you should always remember those things that attracted you to your partner and try to revive them. It is hard work; you must keep at it.

How should one handle money?

Do not live beyond your means. Do not be too extravagant and always budget.

How can one be successful?

Do what you can do best. Always live in the moment. Some people aren’t aware and live their lives unconsciously.

Last words to Move! readers?

Treat yourself like a queen and you will be surrounded by kings.