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Rules to follow in life: Noxee Maqashalala Part2

By admin
08 October 2013

Any hardships in the entertainment industry?

Yes, lots. People see you on TV and think you are rich. If only they knew! We don’t get paid much and it’s hardly glamorous when you have bills that you can’t pay. It’s a tough industry, especially when you are starting out. Your parents have to feed you and pay the rent. You also want to look good, because suddenly you are a celebrity. It’s tough.

How has your life changed?

Well, for one, I have kissed privacy goodbye. I mean, whatever I do can suddenly become a public matter. Besides that, I’m enjoying my acting career and my life. Acting is my life and it frees me as a person. I would like to do more acting, especially in movies.

Do dreams come true?

Yes, I’m proof of that. I’m from a rural area and here I am today. Don’t lose your dreams. Hang on to them so that you can realise an opportunity when it comes along. Your dreams will guide you. And what is life any without dreams?

What about love?

There again, I’m no expert. However, love begins with yourself and you must accept yourself before you think someone else will.  Respect is the only foundation for any type of love.

Your message for women out there?

Not everyone can afford to study, but everyone can do something with their life. It is up to you to make it!