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SA Farmers : "We don't owe anyone anything"

By admin
09 April 2014

South African farmers are unwilling to finance half of land reform farms because it is unjust and unfair, the Transvaal Agriculture Union (TAU) said on Wednesday.

"TAU SA's executive committee expressed its opposition to the proposals which will give substantial rights to farm workers on farms resulting in farmers losing in effect 50% of their farms," it said in a statement.

"Farmers do not owe anyone anything. Farmers did not steal land.

"If government wants to implement a land reform process, it should be financed by government. The farmers do not need to do this on government's behalf and are not willing to do so," it said.

On Sunday, Rapport newspaper reported that farm workers on commercial farms could own half of the farms according to a new proposal government was considering.

The proposal meant expropriating half of every commercial farm in South Africa and handing it over to farm workers, according to the report.

The newspaper was in possession of a document named "Final Policy Proposals for Strengthening the Relative Rights of People Working the Land", which was discussed with agricultural organisations last Monday.

The historic owners would retain half of their farms and the state would pay for the 50% taken for the workers, Rapport said.

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