SABC 3 Soapies 14 July 2015

By Faeza
14 July 2015

Days of Our Lives Season 32 which airs weekdays at 17:00 only on SABC3

Kate sends Carrie a not so subtle message warning Carrie not to hurt Austin again. Will nearly see’s the letter from Alice about E.J. not being Stefano's son. Agent Ellis is put in charge of the case of Stefano's death. Daniel and Nicole consider their options.

The Bold and The Beautiful Season 28    Mon-Fri – 6 pm

Maya takes the focus off of her transgression by playing the voice recording of Oliver to Rick and Caroline. Oliver joins Aly, Pam and Charlie for a fun night of medieval festivities filled with food, fun and jousting knights. Hope begins to wonder if Quinn has anything to do with Liam’s unfortunate accident and injury. Deacon becomes curious about what Quinn is up to as he observes her working on her latest project.

Isidingo Mon-Fri – 7:30 pm

Sechaba hopes that Pastor Gabriel will be able to lead Duma back onto a righteous path. Sam gets warned off by interested parties to take the threat seriously but she suspects a conspiracy. Barker pushes Bradley into what is his biggest challenge yet.