SABC 3 Soapies

By Faeza
21 July 2015

Isidingo Mon-Fri – 7:30 pm

Calvin finds it hard to adjust to being back and dealing with Frank’s shooting. Pastor Gabriel discovers that his charms don’t seem to work easily on the wily Nina. Brad rubs Rajesh the wrong way as the hotel staff mobilizes behind him.

Days of Our Lives Season 32 airs weekdays at 17:00 only on SABC3

John and Marlena show up at Abe's after hearing the news about Lexie. While there they get the news that the charges against Will have been dropped. John is surprised by the news that Will is gay but when he sees Will later he tells him how proud he is of him. Melanie nearly escapes when Andrew returns and forces her back into the room. Gabi steers Chad away from contacting Melanie. Celeste insists that Cameron stay away from Abby.

The Bold and The Beautiful Season 28    Mon-Fri – 6 pm

Despite a year of bad blood between the adversaries, a heroic rescue is made before the untimely demise of one of them. Bill humbly takes responsibility for Quinn being in everyone’s lives. Horrified by Quinn’s actions, Wyatt demands answers from her regarding her dangerous antics. Hope is having a difficult time dealing with the fact that Bill is going to be a part of her family someday.