By admin
14 December 2013

He has battled more than 15 emcees on a radio show judged purely by its listeners, Sarkodie Obidi simply known as Sarkodie is a Hiplife/Hiphop artist who is making waves in the Ghana music scene.

He was dubbed as the King of underground Hiplife for over 4 years until he went commercial. Sarkodie has performed at free concerts to raise funds for needy children and community projects. His approach to his first album is to free himself from any preconceived notions of what his music should sound like, “I tell the beat maker let’s just do it.

You have to get into the mind frame where you’re not trying to sound like someone else but yourself,” he says in published reports. He has worked with artists like Castro, Reggie Zippy, Kwaw Kese as well as Quarta to mention a few. In 2012 he won a BET award in the Best International Act (Africa) category.