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Scarf wear

By admin
05 August 2013

One of the easiest ways to update your look this winter is with a scarf. Here are some ways to bring style and warmth into an outfit this is according to

1 A Long scarf: A long narrow scarf can rest around your neck with the ends loose, or it can be looped around into a cozy neck wrap.

2 Square scarves: Small square scarves are perfect for knotting at your neck when you're wearing a blouse brings out the shape of your face and keeps you warm.

3 Silk scarves: No matter its shape or size, a silk scarf will add style to any outfit. Most silk scarves come with colorful prints on them, perfect for adding excitement to your look.

4 Wool scarves: Be sure you have wool scarves in colors that coordinate with your winter coats, as you will most likely be wearing them together.

5 Cotton scarves: Like silk scarves, cotton can be worn whether it's summer or winter. You can get year-round wear from these scarves if you move them up from your neck to your head when the temperatures rise.

Stay warm and have fun with the scarves!