Schabir Shaik talks betrayal in Facebook post

By Faeza
22 February 2016


Schabir Shaik took to Facebook last week to speak about friendship and false promises, in a post that many believed was about his friend and current president Jacob Zuma.

According to the Sunday Times, a 1 077-word message was posted on Facebook last week Tuesday by Shaik seemingly aimed at Zuma, who shared a much-publicised friendship with the convicted fraudster before Zuma’s election into office in 2009.

"One of my most profound realisations dawned on me, in a dark mosquito infested prison cell. I realised the one single mark that separated men from the boys, it was INTEGRITY,” the newspaper reported Shaik as saying.

"I found real honor (sic) amongst thieves in prisons, more than I found in the outside so called real world. In politics and in business!!!

"I failed dismally in this regard. I died went to hell then to heaven and returned back home the wiser.

"This is what had pained me so deeply, once displaced my soul so further from me, left abandoned and alone ...

"What of that friendship said I, every night every waking day, those false promises, those Buddha smiles ... Where are you my friendship now?"

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