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Self Respect People, Respect Others

By Faeza
25 August 2015

Some people have a tendency of pulling themselves down because of the things that they think about, that put them in bondage and become slaves to their own thoughts. At times because they are not happy with the choices that they have made in life, they hate to see others happy.

They try to pull others down so that others are lower than them and making those feel worse than them. They then resort to all kinds of malice including gossiping. They judge others cruelly and calling others names to cover for their own inadequacies. They become paparazzi without pay, as they become investigators in lives that does not concern them.

They become hateful, bitter, jealous and unreasonable towards those who are progressing in life. When they don't get what they want, they make life a living hell for others, trying to humiliate them. Hurt people, hurt others. That's why we need to remove stinking thinking everytime it tiptoes in our minds.

Allowing it will make it build an unpleasant character within us to the point that we end up playing that character it created and loose ourselves in the process. As we become what we are not supposed to be. We then mold ourselve around our thoughts. Resulting in another creature that cannot say anything good about others. Always critical, even where it is not called for.

We must have a paradigm shift in our thinking for things to work well for us and be part of the Kingdom to Come. Are you ready for that? If you are then start today to renew your minds in line with the word of YaHWeH.


Pastor Washington

Kingdom Principles Ministry Of YaHWeH