Serial killer pleads guilty to 20 murders

By admin
28 August 2013

Argument in mitigation of sentence of a serial killer who pleaded guilty to 36 charges against him would be heard in the Eastern Cape High Court sitting in Butterworth on Wednesday, the Daily Dispatch reported.

Bulelani Mabhayi on Tuesday pleaded guilty to 20 charges of murder and 16 of rape. At least nine children were murdered, the publication reported.

Each charge against Mabhayi was read out to him, and he was asked to plead.

Mabhayi answered “ndinetyala” (I am guilty) to each charge.

The defence counsel read a statement by Mabhayi which contained details of how he committed his crimes, which resulted in the victims families' and friends weeping in court. Some had to be led out of the courtroom.

All his victims were women and children, and he mostly targeted homes where women were the head of the household.

A family of three was killed in May 2012.

After breaking in, Mabhayi would attempt to rape the women and girls in the house, before hacking everyone to death with an axe or panga.