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Serving the summons

By admin
24 December 2013

Serving the summons

Last time we saw that if a borrower hasn’t paid you back and you want to take him to the Small Claims Court (SCC), you must first give him a Letter of Demand (LOD), giving him 14 days to pay.

If the borrower still refuses to pay within the 14 days, you must take either the LOD with the borrower’s signature (if he has accepted your letter) or other proof of service to the SCC and they will give you a summons that must be served on the borrower by the Sheriff. Make sure that you have the borrower’s correct address!

The summons will indicate the date and time the parties should attend the SCC court and will be delivered/served on the borrower by the Sheriff of the Court. You must pay the Sheriff a fee to deliver/serve the summons, but it is possible to claim back the fee from the defendant later.

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