Sex in the dark

By admin
04 December 2013

“I’ve been dating my girlfriend for a year. We have good sex but she is shy and insists on switching off the lights and diving underneath the covers before we make love. She also refuses to undress in front of me. I don’t have the best body myself and I wonder what she is hiding.” – Dickson Makundile, Bela Bela

A real man answers: Lucky Ncube

I admit I haven’t experienced this situation. Women are very sensitive about their bodies and sometimes about sexual matters. She may be embarrassed about her body; maybe she thinks her breasts or her thighs aren’t attractive. Maybe she is doing what was expected of her in previous relationships.

I suggest the brother sweet talks the lady. He must tell her how beautiful she is and why he chose her to be his girl. She needs to gain confidence. He should say these nice things even before they get into the bedroom. We men like to watch a beautiful body, in any shape or size, especially if it’s our girl. Obviously, we men have different tastes but I think sex is always better with the lights on. My sister shouldn’t be shy to try it.