Shop smart for the festive season

By admin
02 December 2014

It’s that exciting time of the year again when your budget goes out the window and you blow your budget on something you will have long forgotten by the time January comes and you can’t afford to pay your bills. Here are 5 easy tips to making it to January without needing a loan.

  1. Eat in: We all buy thousands of Rands worth of groceries for the holidays then spend our days in crowded malls waiting to spend thousands more at crowded restaurants leaving perfectly good food at home. This year have family over at your place and visit them too and share a meal without spreading the debt.
  2.  Wait for the sales: It might be tempting to start the New Year with a whole new wardrobe but the reality is you’ll get the same clothes at half the price if you wait just a few more weeks.
  3. Pay your debt when you get paid: Moist people will be paid weeks before pay day and by the time debit orders kick they won’t have the money to pay. To avoid unnecessary debt pay your debt when you get paid and not at the end of the month.
  4. January is not a myth: As we ring in the New Year many forget it’s a whole month before pay day again. Remember to include Januaries expenses in your December budget. Things like transport fees, food, school and working expenses will be coming from the same budget as your Christmas party.
  5. Don’t go over board: ‘tis the season to be jolly not silly. Keep your family happy and make the holidays special without going overboard  , leave the house with a budget and stick to it remember what you can and cannot afford , Christmas is not everyday but the debt you create on that one day can make every other day a misery .