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Show mercy and it will be shown to you

By Faeza
03 September 2015

Paul wrote, "I do not understand what I do. I do not do the things that I want to do. Instead, I do the things that I hate So, it is not really I myself who is doing these wrong things. Instead, it is sin that lives in me. Sin makes me do wrong things.   "(Romans 7:15,17 EasyEnglish ) This is the dilemma more often than not we find ourselves in, as humans and moreso as believers. We know that if anyone says he has never been in such situation, meaning he does not sin. He is a lair. (1John 1:8, 10). Now my brethren how can we get out of this quandary? Do you think substituting it with tithing and doing good works and being self righteous can help, as many make themselves believe and are hailed by many as "Men of God and lifted on a pedestals?


Pastor Washington

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