Signs that your child is being abused

By admin
06 January 2015

While many parents have to trust complete strangers with their precious bundles of joy while they are at work. Although you would need hidden camera’s to see exactly what happens in your home while you aren't there, watching your child carefully could tell you a lot about his or her relationship with the caregive


  • Fear: It is normal for children to cry when they are separated from their parents but it is not normal for children to become extra clingy, cry and become uncomfortable in the presence of their caregiver.
  • Physical: If your child has unexplained scratches, bruises and injury there is a major cause for concern.
  • Change in sleep patterns: Abused children sometimes suddenly become bed wetter’s, don’t sleep well or wake up frequently from nightmares.
  • Emotionally abuse can alter your child’s personality: Emotionally abused children often become withdrawn, shy away from affection and keep to themselves.
  • Hitting and screaming: children are imitators they react and behave in ways they have seen if your child is hitting and screaming they might have learned this from someone.

If you suspect your child is being abused, it is important to act on your feelings and suspicions as abuse tends to escalate with time. Talk to your child’s care giver before leaving your child in their care and explain what is and isn’t acceptable with your child in terms of discipline and punishment.