Signs your friends are actually fake

By Faeza
03 March 2017

You walk down the school corridor with your best friend, laughing and

making plans for the weekend – you want to catch a movie and ice-cream. You have a

great relationship.

But two days before the end of the weekend, you find out that she has made other plans with someone else ... another girl whom neither of you really likes. Well, that’s what you thought. What just happened here? Why is your best friend being so mean to you?

Sometimes, your ‘friends’ have some hidden hatred towards you and they hurt you because they feel insecure about themselves. We find out why this is, and why

certain friends turn out to be more trouble than they’re worth.


When Cynthia Nyawose* was 18, she learned about her lying friend. “My best friend and I did everything together. As we grew up, we had different interests and goals. So I applied to law school and she didn’t want to study. That affected her. “During tests, she would cheat. She would drink and join the ‘bad boys’ at school.

I tried talking to her, but she didn’t listen. She told my parents that I was smoking and drinking, and that I bunked school. My parents believed her and treated me badly. I hated her, but am over that now.”


Zama Xulu* was a 16-year-old pupil when her best friend at the time stole her boyfriend. She tells her story:“It was our end-of-year dance and I was so thrilled to be going with my

new boyfriend. But two days before the dance, he said he couldn’t take me anymore because his parents wouldn’t allow him to go with me.

“I told my bestie that I wasn’t going to attend because I didn’t have a partner, and she was fine with it. “But on the night of the dance, my mom changed my mind and dropped me off at the venue. When I got there, I saw my boyfriend and best friend holding hands.”


When you’re young and impressionable, friends come and go. Your best friend may feel that she is more suited to being friends with an older, more outgoing crowd. This will

make her appear cooler and more popular. What you thought was a real friendship turned out to be quite the opposite.

But that is life. Try not to let it get you down; there are plenty of other people you could start friendships with. There is a saying that goes, ‘some people enter your life for a season’. And that happens to almost everyone.


It’s sometimes hard to determine whether you are friends with someone who is true to you, or someone who has other intentions.

Here are some signs:

¦ She is always putting you down.

¦ She is never helpful.

¦ She constantly judges you.

¦ She is jealous of you.

¦ She makes fun of you.

¦ She excludes you from certain

parts of her life.


If you want to be a good friend to

someone, do not do the following:

¦ Steal their boyfriend.

¦ Borrow anything without asking.

¦ Laugh at their clothes or home.

¦ Repeat something confidential

that they’ve shared with you.

¦ Drop them at the last minute for

something unimportant.

¦ Be selfish or not helping them.

*Not their real names