Simphiwe Dana opens up about the hurt

By Faeza
15 February 2016

Simp Dana

To the world, musician Simphiwe Dana may seem like a no-nonsense warrior of social and civic rights.

But beneath all the political talk and debates, Simphiwe reveals she has a sensitive soul.

"I’ve found that I tend to blame myself for other people’s mistakes. That’s something that I have to deal with,” she told Gareth Cliff during an interview on his platform CliffCentral this week.

“I tend to give people a very long rope, perhaps too long a rope," she says. "I always get hurt and then what happens is people feel comfortable when you are the person who is blaming themselves, even when they are wrong,” she adds.

Simphiwe says she is working to eradicate this, but it is a problem that dates back to her childhood.

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