Six things that can destroy your relationship part 1

By admin
16 September 2013

Relationships need work, tender care and extra effort. But there are many ways that you can destroy the romance, whether intentionally or not. This could be how you behave, treat your partner, or something minor that you do.

NEGATIVE ATTITUDE: Previous experiences, and those ofour friends, can lead us to expectrelationships to fail. We think thatevery person we meet has baggageand will hurt us. We keep on falling inlove with the same pattern of guyswho let us down.

What to do: If you’ve been hurt before and carryemotional baggage, it’s wise to dealwith it before starting a new relationship.You need to heal first and buildyour self-confidence.“You have to be humble in order tomaintain your relationship. Your education,high position at work and a bigbank balance should not dictate theway you treat your partner.

WORK VS PERSONAL LIFE:These days, we’re working harder atour careers. We work long hours, andby the time we get home, we’re tiredand irritable. This has an impact onour interaction with our partners.

What to do: You need to set aside time for youand your partner to catch up.You don’t necessarily have to go out. You can spend time on an activityyou both enjoy.“If you are going to be late, explainyour reasons. If you’re going to beback home at different times, doexplain, so as to avoid doubt creepingin.

OVERLY JEALOUS:We’ve seen people close to usseparating because of affairs. Wedevelop a fear that our partners willdo the same, so we start to check onthem and control their lives.

What to do: Jealousy is dangerous and needs tobe controlled. It’s a sign of lowself-esteem – it means you don’tbelieve in yourself and the fact thatyour partner loves you.Instead of relying on him for yourself-confidence, find ways of boostingit yourself. For example, if you are abit overweight, adopt healthy eatinghabits and start exercising.

Part 2 to follow tomorrow.