Smell as good as you look

By admin
18 November 2014

Move! has 5 great secrets to smelling great from head to toe this summer.

1.     Layer your scent

A long spray of body mist might smell good for a few hours but if you back it up by using scented body wash, moisturiser and perfume in complimenting scents you can create your own unique fragrance and smell great for longer. Reload your scent occasionally with a great smelling hand cream and body spray.

LUX 200 ml Body Wash R18.99 LUX 200 ml Body Wash R18.99

2.     Don’t disguise odour

You can never disguise odour whether it’s sweat or dirt. Keeping yourself and your clothes clean is the battle half won. Take care to wash regularly (once in the morning and once in the evening) and use and effective deodorant. Using a talcum powder or baby power is a great whole body deodorant but doesn’t replace deodorant. The best smell is a clean smell

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3.     Less is more

Don’t overdo it. It’s tempting to use a lot of perfume or body spray in the hope that it will last longer or even smell better but it’s a bad idea. Smelling too strong or over powering isn’t pleasant at all.

4.     Oils , oils oils

Use natural oils in your bath or in a clean spray bottle with cool water and sprits on your hair or on your clothes (then hang to dry) for a great head to toe fragrance. This is especially great for braids or weaves; you get a burst of fragrance whenever your hair gets warm or hot.

5.     Keep things dry

Moisture can be your worst enemy especially in place that are not open to fresh air. Your shoes and your hair are the biggest culprits. Air dry your shoes every evening and make sure your hair is dry if you have been sweating or caught in the rain.