Soap Teasers

By admin
10 September 2013

MUVHANGO:Just when Albert thought things can't get any worse, his secret with Khomotjo comes out.Mongezi reveals a side to himself completely opposite to what he's led everyone to believe about him.Sizwe misreads Nonny's actions and makes a fool of himself.   RHYTHM CITY Lucilla starts to notice that Naomi is coming loose at the seams and Naomi tries hard to keep it together. Mangaliso’s health worsens and Puleng has to make a huge sacrifice for the sake of his well-being. Miles is forced to play along with the lie Victoria has told her family.     Scandal! Shakira pulls out all the stops to foil Daniel's plan with Precious and manages to get Precious into potentially very hot water. Cameron has to bring a sick Bronnie back to NFH early, while everyone is still around. The women make a disturbing discovery about the extent the men have gone to up their fund raising game.   GENERATIONS MJ comes up with a plan to get his girl… er, woman. Shaun doesn’t like the idea of playing with someone’s feelings. Jabulani and Ruby are horrified by what comes out at the family meeting.   Isibaya Mimi raids Sunday’s hut with the local cops and finds something very disturbing. Jabu’s relationship with iris takes a nasty turn. Thandeka and S’bu feels lost, but manage to find comfort in each other.