Soapie teasers: 17 March 2017

By Faeza
16 March 2017


The JMEC board members reveal the outcome of their vote. Sphe tries to let her mother down gently.

Cosmo pays his ex-boss a visit... his gun loaded and at the ready.


With the help of Thandeka, S’bu and Fezile, Mpiyakhe confronts Judas in a spectacular and shocking battle. The fate of the Zungus and Ngwenyas lies in Mpiyakhe’s hands.

Rhythm City

Emmanuel, sees his father struggling with the glaucoma. TK reveals himself to Suffo at the townhouse and Niki is put on the spot. Jafta lies to Mkhushulwa about harbouring Blossom.


A plan of Romeo's backfires badly and he is forced to do damage control. Phindile is stunned when a confrontation does not go as expected. Two people reach the same decision without the other knowing.

Skeem Saam

Leshole grows a backbone and does something unexpected in front of the whole class. Rachel approaches Sakhile and twists his arm to do yet another thing he does not want to. Kat is suddenly caught between two women when a flame from the past reappears.


MaNgcobo is traumatized by the recent events of her personal life. MaMlambo is very upset when she realizes that she’s been taken for a ride. A new family moves in to the township, but not everyone is pleased.


KK launches his new plan for Thathe but has he gone too far this time. Thandaza is certain she knows who is after her and her family. Dee makes it up to Mulondo for turning him down.