Soapie teasers: 20 April 2017

By Faeza
20 April 2017


Mrekza hasn’t given up on trying to charm Lucy. Cosmo is determined to find out who’s stealing from S’khaftin Chicken. Namhla hits on a plan to get hold of the Russians’ money.


The world settles into a new peaceful norm around Thandeka’s umkhehlo. Absolution is offered to a family friend. There is curiosity around the origin of Zama’s heart…


Matshidiso is unsure about KK’s chosen puppet. Is the the end of Nonny and Pule? Disaster strikes for Busi.

Rhythm City

Kop faces the wrath of Sello. Puleng is convinced she’s in danger when she spots a stranger hanging around her shisa nyama. Niki lies about Puleng’s relationship with Themba in an effort to get closer to Suffocate.

The Queen

The mystery woman wants more than just Shaka and is willing to do whatever it takes to get it. Kgosi puts Captain Radebe in a corner, will the Captain finally break?


The nets close in on three different women who are all walking their separate journeys, in events that will leave many loved ones devastated. The search for Smangele intensifies and reaches an abrupt end. MaNgcobo finally finds Nosipho in a very compromising position


An unlikely alliance grows out of a common fear, and Layla hears disturbing news about someone she respects. Eddie makes an astonishing and worrying discovery about the building development. A concern of Dintle's is put to bed - at great cost to her heart.

Skeem Saam

Things go from bad to worse for Mangaliso, as more and more people find out about the scandal. Old friends finally call it a truce and smoke the peace pipe. Chef Marlene has a stern talk with a student who has dropped the ball.


Barker gives Nikiwe a business ultimatum that compromises her relationship.  Kgothalo pays her ex-husband’s mistress an unpleasant visit. Matlala is suspicious of Morongwa playing the people at the shebeen.