Soapie teasers

By Faeza
10 March 2016

skeem saam


Hector rethinks his plan of action, but keeps his enemy firmly in his sights. A common foe and some praise move the Ngema family towards reconciliation. Gontse is shocked when what she believed to be a joke turns out to be serious. Scelo passes an important test which many people fail.

Rhythm City

Gadifele's master plan is revealed. Doc and Bongi agree to see other people. Sifiso’s job is on the line. Suffocate tracks down the boys’ location.

Skeem Saam

There are some painful discoveries in store for Ma Kunutu. Elizabeth bravely ventures into the world, but the world of Turf may not be ready to receive her.  MaNtuli is rattled when she finds out that she has to attend the CCMA hearing without her lawyer.


Angela is shocked and overwhelmed by what she finds in the drawer. Xolelwa is not happy when Getty makes progress in hooking a client. Tshidi vows to do whatever the snake wants her to.


Lerumo pits KK and Ndalamo against each other. Gizara turns to Mulimisi for answers regarding Mashudu. Nonny finally tells Pule her biggest secret.


Katlego loses her temper with her well-wishers. Lincoln tells the doctor she needs to be sedated. Calvin admits to Katlego that he’s falling apart. Sam tells Brad it’s time they work as a team.


Blade warns Iris that when Pope realises he’s been tricked, he’ll want her head. The Zungu wives find Jabu unapologetic. S’bu springs a surprise on Lebo.