Soapie teasers: 21 December 2016

By Faeza
08 December 2016

Skeem Saam

A young woman’s disappearance has a devastating effect on many people. Tbose attempts to mend broken fences with a blast from the past. Principal gets a visit that makes her blood cold.


Fana isn’t happy when Nandi swears him to secrecy. Paranoid Daniel refuses to go back home. Mazwi is shocked to hear about the pregnancy.


Azwindini finds Mulimisi but is he in time to save Susan? Onika and Ndalamo battle to keep their affair under wraps. Nonny decides to do the right thing. But it's the hardest decision she's ever had to make.


Ayanda and Mxolisi play cat and mouse with each other regarding Sibahle, much to Ayanda’s fury and Mxolisi's amusement. Mondli goes to Pongola and discovers some very interesting information regarding Bandile. Smangele continues with her lie even though it’s eating her up inside.


Lincoln loses it and accuses Nikiwe of being weak and unworthy. Nina receives a wakeup call from Lerato about her manipulations. Lerato and Sechaba are still reeling from the news that the mine is closing down.


Boniswa proves to be more devious than she at first appeared, and Layla spurs her on. Lindiwe receives news which is guaranteed to ruin her school holiday. Gloria is all set to make a triumphant return, but she has gotten the wrong end of the stick.

Rhythm City

Zinzi makes Lungile feel increasingly uncomfortable. Suffo hits on Toolkit’s girlfriend. Cuba tells Puleng to move on. Kop must protect Dumi from Spokes. David's deal is in jeopardy.

The Queen

Kea spends the night with an unlikely bedfellow. Amo derails Jerry and Vuyiswa’s plans. Linda and Kea form a new friendship, to everyone’s surprise


Mehlemamba finds a crucial piece of evidence. Judas and Samson unleash their next dirty trick. Jabu struggles with the idea of facing his father. Meanwhile, S’khaleni’s trauma becomes a burden for Pam.