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Soapie teasers: 25 July 2017

By Faeza
25 July 2017


7de Laan

Rickus is losing his mind; can Alexa convince him to get help? Vince finally opens up about his history with Bonita.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Wyatt feels torn between his wife and mother when Steffy suggests ways to keep Quinn out of their lives. Katie delivers a harsh threat to Bill about what she will do if he ever decides to leave her for Brooke. Liam is blindsided during a visit to Katie with a barrage of questions regarding Spencer family secrets. Receiving clarity about his past, due to his present situation, Ridge acknowledges to Brooke his previous transgressions.

Days of our Lives

Victor realises that Sonny is not the one that killed Nick. At the police station, Will confesses to killing Nick. Brady gives money to Theresa to buy cocaine. Abigail is curious when Ben turns down the opportunity to fill in for a model at Gabi's shoot. Paige realises that Bev is trying to mess with her by planting the STD test. Marlena teases Roman about taking Giselle to the school gala.


Mpho and Brian make peace. The Moroka-Mabaso family stages an intervention. Thabi’s questioning makes Zitha suspicious.


Judas decides to accept his opponent’s challenge. Blade becomes suspicious of Sihle. Will Thandi manage to distract Phumelele from her sadness?


Sechaba is crushed when Ofentse blocks every attempt by Sechaba to prove himself worthy. Ofentse proves a point to Sechaba by showing him who’s boss, but a defiant Sechaba refuses to take this lying down. The Lategan’s world is turned upside down when Zandre returns to HD. The miners are irked that they have to write aptitude tests while facing possible retrenchments.


Imani relives a painful memory. Thandaza hires auditors to trace money that's been stolen from Basadi. Vhangani is curious about joining a pyramid scheme.

Rhythm City

Lungi watches Bongi take the hallucinogenic pills. Sabelo asks Kop for a job. Leratorealises she needs to take control of her life. Sifiso and Rene are shocked when Kgaugelo arrives dressed and moving exactly like Electra.


A mother is forced to confess, and her explanation for her actions is not well received. Yvonne is determined to have the spotlight turned fully onto her. Dintle is horrified to realise how much work she has to do.

Skeem Saam

Big Boy and Principal Thobakgale are at loggerheads over Leshole’s future at Turf High. Celia calls a family meeting to find solutions to the mounting financial problems.

The Queen

Harriet assures Kgosi that Goodness won’t be a problem. Kagiso reaches out to Amo. Brutus is surprisingly emotional after learning of the death of an enemy.


GC arrives at the Cetshwayo homestead for his wedding. Qhabanga offers to break Nkunzi out of prison. Smangele is horrified as Mastermind brings yet another new girl to invade her space.