Soapie teasers: 26 July 2017

By Faeza
26 July 2017


Judas makes his move. The Ngwenyas and their allies begin setting up the bait to trap the Soweto kingpin. Thandi unintentionally gives Phumelele the advice she needs.

The Queen

Kagiso finds something that is bound to change his life forever, while Vuyiswa struggles with her emotions.


Is Imani losing her mind? What exactly is James up to? Has Vhangani dug his own grave?

Rhythm City

Fats thinks Kop best make a move on Blossom.Mampho has alarm bells going off over Kgaugelo’s behaviour. Bongi is declining steadily under the influence of the drugs.


A young man does not realise he is being manipulated, and makes some very hurtful choices. Yvonne is in her element as she spins a story. An upliftment project gets off to a rocky start.

Skeem Saam

Charity reports Marothi to the cops for violating a restraining order. Kat doesn’t notice that a storm is brewing in the relationship front. Alfred reaches the lowest of lows.


Mrekza is shocked to hear Lucy still cares about him. Tau finds out his computer has been accessed. Sphe has a meltdown.


Bhomu forces GC to go to the chief even though GC is not feeling well. Nkunzi is offered the opportunity of a lifetime, will he take it or let it go? Mastermind can’t stop thinking about Mumsy. He wants to see her again.


Sechaba and Ofentse continue their power struggle. Who will come out on top? Nina finds herself in a precarious position while Hendrik has a shocking solution to the Zandre debacle. The miners write the dreaded aptitude tests, and all but Matlala, relies on Gatanga’s muti for their success.