Soapie Teasers: 5 May 2017

By Faeza
05 May 2017


Mpiyakhe raises the stakes with a high-risk mission to rescue Lethu. Everything changes at Emarondweni with an unexpected arrival. Beauty battles to keep her fleet on the road.

Rhythm City

Puleng finds her feelings for Suffo resurfacing. Lerato gets a blast from the past and it sends her into a mad spin. Niki worries that the recent drama with Themba might bring Puleng and Suffo closer. Sindiswa and Sabelo come up with a daring plan to make some quick money.


Romeo realises that attempting to cover his tracks has made his situation even worse. Scelo is horrified that all may not be as it seems. Dintle is determined to make someone's life better.


Barker gets shocking news that his hotel has housed the violent racists who attacked Sechaba but Barker cannot let them go. Then chaos erupts as the Duncan is looted. The Duncan chaos causes Kgothalo to move in with Rajesh but it is uncomfortable for both. The underlying feelings cannot be avoided. Kgothalo wants to run.


Ndalamo forces Azwindini's hand. The situation between Mulalo and Teboho gets worse as Mulalo starts buying gifts for their guest... James asks Nthabeleng out.

Skeem Saam

An old enemy realises that Rachel hasn’t really changed her spots. Kat is warned about a classmate, but the warnings fall on deaf ears. Leeto has a change of heart about things.


MaNgcobo gives Mxolisi a very important warning about a potential threat and advises him to do everything that Nkunzi demands of him. Things are made worse when Pastor Mdletshe asks for Nkunzi’s help to control Mxolisi. Things heat up on the romantic front between MaMlambo and Mbhekiseni.


Tau’s blackmail ploy doesn’t pan out too well. Dejected Fana thinks he’s lost the fight. Lucy stands up for her man..