Solve your clutter misery

By Faeza
01 September 2015

Bathrooms are those small rooms that are never taken seriously in the house. We find the bathroom left with mouldy corners of the bath due to damp cloths, shampoo bottles and soap.

When organising your bathroom, you can cut costs of revamping the mouldy parts that are always at risk of water ruin. The area should also be safe for young children since there may be dangerous products. Here are few tips you can use without spending much money.

Ways to turn your bathroom into a lovable space:

First step

It’s best if your bathroom has ceramic tiles where water cannot reach to prevent moulding on the corners of the bath or shower and peeling paint. Add those water absorbent mats to prevent slippery floors. Check under your sink and throw bottles of unused products.

Second step

Cleaning your medicine cabinet can actually help you store things you need daily and can reach easily. Or putting a shelve that can be a decor piece yet storing tooth brushes, toothpaste, razor blades, your mini first aid kit or whatever that is needed in your bathroom.

Third step

You can invest in multi-functional shower racks to store soap, shower gels, towels or mobile racks to hang wet towels. Baskets also come in handy for storing clean towels, toilet paper or anything that needs to be tucked away. If you don’t have enough space for hanging towels, install extra towel racks behind your door.