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Some advice from Menzi Ngubane

By admin
26 September 2013

Some advice from Menzi Ngubane

Your opinion on black brothers and condoms.

Well, I guess when we were growing up we could just have sex and not worry about the virus. Things have changed and, unfortunately, some men find it difficult to adapt. Condoms should be part of foreplay and both parties must understand that it is for their own protection.

How should one handle money?

You must get good and honest advice about money matters. You must also list things according to importance when it comes to spending. Do not rush to buy a fancy car when you don’t have shelter, for example.

Last piece of advice for the ladies.

Do not depend on people to make your life successful. You must stand up and work hard. It’s lovely to buy your own shoes and then your house. You will be proud of your achievements. Work like a slave today, and you’ll live like a queen tomorrow.