Somizi talks about his tough times

By Faeza
22 September 2016

Recently Somizi Mhlongo, popularly known to his fans as SomGAGA shared about the toughest years of his life, he went far as sharing that he would at times be tempted to sleep with a woman because things were that bad.

Talking like a true survivor Somizi has his own way of putting humour to any difficult situation.

On a recent interview he inspired his fans by speaking openly about how he struggled before he got to live a luxurious life he living today.

He went on to mention that  year 2006 and 2009 were his worse years of his life, mainly because he was careless with money, and lacked guidance and direction.

“I’m grateful that I never took drugs, or any substances. Because when you’re broke and you take drugs, you become broker. You know, you become brokest,’ he said in his true Somizi style.

Reports say he went as far as calling those painful days of his life a blessing in disguise because they help him to toughen up.

The choreographer was quoted saying he believes everyone should go through those three years. If it hasn’t happened yet, “it’s coming”.