Son of man What Is Your Reason? Part 1  

By Faeza
26 February 2016

Why do you go to the place of worship? Are you a true believer or just a church goer? Brethren, churches today are full of people whose aim is not so noble. Their agenda is not to have a sound relationship with YaHWeH, but as a place for self-enrichment, a hunting ground for marriage proposals or the last stop, to try when medical science seems to have failed.

This results in people forging a greater relationship with a pastor by seeking blessings and healing. My brethren, do you see physical blessings as a means to your advancement by seeking the things of the spirit, or do you see wealth as a reason to worship Abba YaH? Is your fasting based on the mentality of the following; "I fast because I need to have a husband, I fast because I need a job" or any other reason which is for self-preservation?

Barak Shalom

Pastor Washington

Kingdom Principles Ministry Of YaHWeH