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Son of man What Is Your Reason? Part 2

By Faeza
28 December 2015

Guess what, when YaHShua comes, you will not be able to see him because of your quest for riches, so you will be left busy, running around playing church, yet your heart will be a "Devils workshop", a feast full of all deadly demons. A true believer is not one from birth, but one who chooses to become one by the confession and repentance of one's sins. Confession must not be because you have been caught in an evil act.


A true believer is known by the way one lives his/her life and what one elevates in one's life. The words that one speaks must not be of his own but the one who has sent him. (John 7:16) Those words must be of edification, exhortation and comforting, if correction then they must be corrections in love. A true believer must be seen by the way he conducts himself, even during trials. He must know that vengeance is for YaHWeH.

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