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Spice up your sex life using your senses

By Faeza
26 April 2017

WHAT’S a sex life without a little, or a lot of spice to make it extra hot? Without adventure, fun and creativity, sex can get boring, and you end up doing the same old thing in the same old way. It may be hard to confess this to a partner, but boring and dull sex is off putting. It can put your sex life in the danger of being non-existent. Usually, when people think about spice, they assume that it means using sex toys, which can be a bone of contention between couples. He may think you are trying to replace him or that you are being indirect

about expressing exactly what you think about the size of his manhood. Below are ways you can add spice into your sex life without using toys or going far from your comfort zone.


From the beginning of time, there has been societies that put food at the heart of sexual

pleasure and stimulation, believing that certain types of foods stimulate sex drive and enhance sexual performance. Food that enhances how you experience sex is called an aphrodisiac. Clinical sexologist Kat van Kirk, famed for her book The married Sex Solution, explains that, “consuming aphrodisiac foods may increase blood flow to the

genitals, release natural biochemicals in the body to help you feel more aroused, or provide nutrients that improve the health of the sex organs.”


Raw oysters have zinc, which boosts sex drive, and among acids that can increase levels of sex hormones. Bananas have vitamin B and potassium, which improve the production of sex hormones. Watermelon has a viagra-like effect on blood vessels, which can increase your sex drive.


Next time you and your partner are about to get down, give them a sensual massage. An

erotic massage increases intimacy. Although there is no specific way to give a massage (which is why it’s worth finding out how your partner likes it), it’s important to make it sexy. This can be by setting the mood with a dimly lit room, soft romantic music that turns you on (or him) in an appealing room. The key is for the environment to be relaxing

and conducive for arousal, like a bed that’s made and a room that’s neat and ordered. When giving a massage, remember to use oils, especially aromatic ones such as lavender, jasmine, sandalwood and ylang ylang which have sensual qualities. You can find them at pharmacies.


After massaging your partner’s body, move to their genital area. For this to be sensual, you need to caress instead of touching their genital area. You should also leave no spot untouched. In women, this means focusing on all areas of the vagina and not just the clitoris. For your guy, don’t forget to massage the perineum, which is the highly sensitive skin that connects the manhood and the anus. When giving your partner a massage, don’t skip their erogenous zone such as the earlobes, belly button, etc. These are places in their bodies that turns them on sexually when touched.