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SPONSORED: McCain helped Jessi thank her mom for the little things she does

By Faeza
09 May 2017


There is no instruction manual for being a mom, but somehow, they just seem to know what you need. They are the undercover superhero’s found in everyday life, making sure that no tummy is left grumbling, no schoolbook gets left behind and she is the one person that can always be counted on to be sitting in the front row at the school play.

This super human power often goes unnoticed as we forget to sometimes thank our moms for the little things that they do for us that means everything. McCain has always been these superhero’s secret weapon and has now taken on another role and switched sides by helping one little girl thank her mom for all the little things in a unique and special way.

Jessi is a bubbly confident 13-year-old who has just started high school and has her heart set on the silver screen. Her mom Nadine is always by her side supporting and motivating her which is probably why Jessi refers to her as her very own superhero.  This is their story.

It has been me and my mom for most of my life. Things haven’t always been easy, but my mom works super hard to give us this beautiful life and I am so grateful. I love singing, dancing and acting. Being on stage makes me feel so alive and I love it. I feel very lucky that my mom is always there to cheer me on and encourages me to do my best. She tells me to try my hardest and to be myself.

Dinner time in our house is lots of fun. It is our special time to catch up and talk about our days. To be honest, it’s actually my favourite part of the day. It is just me and mom chatting, laughing and eating yummy food. She is my best friend and we tell each other everything, so keeping this special McCain dinner surprise a secret from her was very hard.

The people from McCain came to help me plan the special dinner for my mom. We set up a beautiful table and I made chicken nuggets and McCain Texan BBQ crispy oven chips. Chicken is Mom’s favourite and of course we both love chips. My favourite thing about the dinner was the awesome plate McCain helped me make. The message for mom was, “Mommy thank you for giving me this life. You are Amaze-A-Licious. I love you. Jessi”. When she saw the message, she smiled so big and it made me so happy.  She hugged me super tight and I am so glad that I got to make her feel so loved. She is my superhero and I don’t know what I would do without her.

I know that there are many other kids out there who love their mom like I love mine and I hope that this will make them want to do something special for their mom too. It really doesn’t have to be something big,its about showing her how much you love her,  you can make her a quick snack, a sandwich or even write her a letter telling her how much you appreciate her. We need to thank our moms for the little things that they do that mean everything to us and make sure they know how Amaze-A-Licious they are.

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