Spotlight on Sindi Dlathu PART1

By admin
17 December 2013


Describe your childhood?

  I come from a huge family. I lived with my grandmother, my mother and her sister and my cousins. I have two younger sisters. It was a busy, warm family filled with love and laughter. I think it is better that way because I had more than one mother who could guide and discipline me. Growing up in an extended family definitely contributed positively to my life.   Acting  

How did you get into acting?

By mistake, and it is the best mistake of my life. I never planned to be or dreamt of being an actor. We were a family that was involved in church and we used to sing in church most of the time. A family friend who was involved in the entertainment industry was impressed and entered us in many TV show competitions. She eventually took us to audition for Sarafina.