Spotlight on Sindi Dlathu PART2

By admin
18 December 2013

Tell us about your experience in Sarafina.

That was my first big break. I was 14 years old and didn’t know what was happening. I played the role of one of the students in Sarafina and enjoyed it because I had the chance to travel the world and sign autographs. That’s where I got my training as an actor.

What about school?

Fortunately, we had private teachers who taught us maths, history and English. Later on though, I quit Sarafina and went back to school. Many of the cast members were surprised that I quit work for school. I wrote my matric at the age of 22.

How did the other kids treat you?

It didn’t matter that I had acted in Sarafina and travelled the world. I was a normal teenager in a boarding school. It was also a bit scary as most of the kids were much younger and smarter than I was. But I succeeded in the end.