Spotlight on Sindi Dlathu PART3

By admin
19 December 2013

How did you get back into acting?

  Initially, I thought I was never going back to acting because I was serious about my studies. After matric, I enrolled for an IT course, but quit. Once the acting bug has bitten you, you can’t resist going back. I started with stage acting before I was spotted for Khululeka, the voter-education drama series. I also acted in Soul City and I’m currently on Muvhango.   Life

How do you handle fame?

People, especially in the township, do appreciate me. But some people have nasty attitudes and egos. The ones with the attitudes I ignore completely.

Why do you think there is so much violence against women?

I think Satan is roaming the streets. It’s not only violence against women. There is a lot of chaos and confusion. I really don’t know what’s going on.

Last words

Acting is not all about glamour. The reality is that, if you want a career in this industry, you have to be prepared. There are times when there is no work and you have to pay the bills. Come into it with both eyes wide open. Always put education first, it can never let you down.