Steel clamp inserted into dog's leg to keep it chained

By Faeza
13 September 2016

The Amazimtoti SPCA is investigating a case of animal cruelty in which someone inserted a steel clamp into a dog’s leg to keep it chained.

The dog was found in Chatsworth as a stray, the organisation said in a Facebook post.

"[This] blows my mind. Just when I think I've seen all the cruelty humans can inflict on our precious animals, I encounter a new one," they posted.

"This poor boy was brought into us from Chatsworth as a stray in so much pain. I rushed him to Dr Hoole to get this clamp removed."

The SPCA said the emergency treatment was an unnecessary expense, but one it happily incurred to spare the dog suffering.

"Another unnecessary expense for us, but we have to treat this dog. Not a good start to the week. Now we just pray for a speedy recovery for this precious boy."

Source: News24