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Steps on having radiant skin this summer

By Faeza
11 November 2016

The skin is the largest part of the body. It protects the muscles, bones and

internal organs. Like the skin on our faces, the skin on the rest of our bodies also needs to

be taken care of, and one way to do this is by scrubbing.


The skin is exposed to many things during the day such as the environment, germs, oils, beauty products and chemicals. These need to be removed from the skin one way or the other.

Scrubs are the fastest way of clearing the skin of any dirt. You can buy a body scrub or make one at home using the ingredients in your kitchen cupboard such as sugar and salt and mix them with some essential oils.


Scrubbing revives dead skin cells giving way for new cells to grow It leaves the skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated. Scrubbing improves the skin’s texture and leaves the skin feeling soft.

It improves the skin’s appearance leaving it looking healthy. It also unclogs the pores

and helps to lighten stretch marks. It also stimulates blood flow.


¦ Use a scrub in the shower three

times a week to firm the skin.

¦ Use a sugar scrub at least once a

week in the bath to remove blotches.

¦ If using products is not your thing,

try using scrubbing gloves, but do

not use excessive force as this will

dry out the skin.

¦ Always moisturise after scrubbing

as the skin will lose some natural

oils and use tissue oil, petroleum

jelly or body

Do not scrub if you have:

¦ Eczema as this will irritate the skin.

¦ Extra sensitive skin.

¦ Dry skin.