Still living in mommies Shadow

By admin
31 July 2014

It’s been 10 years since South Africa lost the Queen of African pop to a drug over dose and although her talent and presence will be impossible to replace but that doesn’t mean Bongani Fassie, Vusi Nova and Brad homes aren’t going to try.

A new reality singing competition by Bongani Fassie is looking for singers who can sing like Mabrrr.

Under the weight of his own drama, Bongani Fassie can’t seem to make a name for himself outside of his mothers shadow.

Aside from creating his own scandal, the failed musician has become famous for being Brenda Fassies son and while he says he wishes the media would see him as an artist in his own right it’s hard when all he ever seems to do it live in his mother shadow.

Organisers want both male and female hopefuls older than 18 to perform a song from the icon's extensive catalogue, which includes Too Late for Mama and Weekend Special.

Lance Stehr of Muthaland Entertainment said: "The idea is not to do a cover of a Brenda Fassie song as such but to come up with an interpretation of the song."

The winner will get to record his or her version of the song, which organisers have promised to submit to radio stations.

The winner will perform the song at the Jazz on the Lake concert at the end of August.