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Stock up on DVD’s and board games

By Faeza
09 December 2015

Eunice Sibiya, Head of Consumer Education for FNB gives a few inexpensive ways to keep your children thoroughly entertained, and leave your pocket fairly unharmed over the festive season

Stock up on DVD’s and board games:

You won’t always have the luxury of taking the kids out of the house. On days like these it’s best to hire their favourite block busters and pop them into the DVD for their own special ‘home cinema’ day.

You could also borrow board games that will still stimulate their minds over the festive season. Encourage your children to invite their friends, and take it one step further by arranging with the other parents to rotate these sessions and host the kids one day in a week. A different environment, with different sets of movies in the company of their friends is sure to keep them entertained.