Striking a healthy balance

By Faeza
13 August 2015

“Strike a pose” is the opening line to Vogue, a famous Madonna song. Striking a pose might be relatively easy, but striking a healthy balance, particularly for women, is another matter altogether.

“It is not unusual for women to juggle many balls simultaneously, from work, relationships and children, to health and household responsibilities,” says Cebisa Mfenyana from Metropolitan.

In celebration of National Women’s Month, Cebisa offers a few tips for women on how to breathe easier by striking a healthier balance:

Create an “important” list. This could range from quality time with your children, date night with your partner, planning healthy meals, being physically active, monthly budgeting, getting eight hours sleep a night or networking with colleagues. Once your important list is in place, allocate time according to your priorities.

Drop or reduce time on activities that add no value but eat up time or energy.

Define a support team you can turn to when the going gets tough. It could include family members, friends, neighbours or colleagues.