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Struggle to get up in the morning? These 7 tips might help

By Faeza
14 March 2016


If getting up without any reluctance is a strange phenomenon for you, then getting up from beneath those warm and comfy blankets may generally be a waking nightmare for you regardless of how logical or well put together you are for the rest of the day.

So just how do we gather up the motivation to get out of bed before we start rationalising that it’s okay to cancel the entire day and stay right where you are?

The mood you’re in when you start your day counts. Here are ways to make getting up in the morning just a little more pleasant.

Up your H20 quota before you even brush your teeth. According to Coveteur, having a glass of water as soon as you wake is greatly refreshing but it is also a fantastic way to get your metabolism up and running.

Routine kills you, so kill it first. No, not literally, but doing the same things in the same order at the same time every day can really place a huge damper on your spirit and sense of adventure. Give yourself a reason or reward, if you like, to get up in the morning. Do something out of the ordinary. Life is a lot more exciting when you live more spontaneously. Changing your daily routine can be as simple as going to your favourite spot for breakfast, or getting something you need done.

Lay off the alcohol and caffeine.This suggestion may not be a popular one. I get it. Sometimes a glass of late-night Merlot is necessary after a long day’s work. But if you have to be up early the next morning, you’d be better off swopping that glass of wine for herbal tea.

And no, you can’t watch that last episode.Binge-watching before bed is probably the reason you’re pressing snooze every 10 minutes. Try powering down before bed and avoid checking your phone. It’ll make falling asleep easier and waking up on the first (or second) alarm call a bit more bearable.

Waking up to that cacophonous alarm every morning is one of the worst ways to wake up. We’ve found something that tracks your sleeping patterns and vibrates gently when it’s time for you to wake up.

Set your coffee machine’s brewing time to your wake-up time.Boom! Life hack alert. If you have one of those fancy coffee machines, set it’s brewing time to just a few minutes before your alarm time. The smell of brewing coffee will lure you out of bed and your cup of coffee will be ready with minimal effort from you.

Get the ‘sunrise’ pillow. Our bodies have a knack for waking up with the sunrise. Throw those obnoxiously monotonous alarm clocks out the window. (Okay, maybe just pack it away because you’ll eventually need to pick it up.) This pillow gently wakes you up with soft LED lights, simulating sunshine, increasing their brightness over 40 minutes just like the sunrise. This works because bright light helps to get your body awake.