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Study finds direct link between trauma and physical & mental disorders part 3

By Faeza
13 December 2015

Pharmacist, and Integrative  medicines expert, Felicia Rubin, says South Africans experience high rates of trauma and anxiety and noted that a 2013 study ranked SA second most stressed among 74 countries. Rubin advises trauma sufferers or those with anxiety should consult a medical professional or mental health expert immediately. She also advises a healthy lifestyle to avoid or address anxiety and recommends the following:

  • Reducing intake of excess sugar and avoiding stimulants such as fizzy drinks and coffee.

  • Consistent exercise.

  • Share emotions with close friends and family.

  • Practice mindfulness.

  • Join a support group if you have suffered trauma.

  • For mild anxiety and shock, seek relief from natural products such as Stillcalm which utilises the indigenous herb sceletium.