Suffering from a weak erection and early ejaculation

By admin
11 October 2013

“I’m a 42-year-old man, suffering from a weak erection and early ejaculation. I have had pains in my kidneys and lower-back lately and the result is that I am less interested in sex. My wife complains that I’m seeing someone else. What can I do to improve this situation?” – Moteti, Mpumalanga   Move! Expert advice

Thank you for being man enough to ask for help about personal matters that is often difficult to talk about, even to your wife. Weak erections and early ejaculation are so common in men that I seldom see them as problems. Men worry about them when they happen, and this worry and anxiety actually makes the situation become a real problem.

However, in your situation it sounds different, because you mention kidney and back problems. Weak erections and early ejaculation are sometimes symptoms of a serious medical problem. Your penis may be telling you that you have a medical problem that needs attention. Please let your wife know that you have medical concerns, not girlfriends. She deserves the truth – and real men tell it like it is. The next step is to go straight to the doctor or your local hospital. I suggest you see a urologist, who specialises in these problems.