Suffocate and Puleng's traditional Zulu wedding 

By Faeza
19 August 2015

Despite paying lobola for his long time sweetheart Puleng (Tebogo Khalo) in 2014, Suffocate (Mduduzi Mabaso) chose to marry Niki, because she was expecting his baby. Things went well for a while. Recently Suffocate has not been able to ignore the feelings he has for Puleng, who is traditionally his first wife. An unexpected visit from Ntomizodwa, Suffocates conservative and traditional aunt, puts pressure on him to reflect and get his house in order.

She offers him a cultural solution to his predicament, and says that his grandfather and uncle were very happy in a polygamous relationship. Ntombizodwa suggests that he also marry Puleng, because traditionally, she is his first wife. The battle lines are drawn between Niki and Puleng. In the end Suffocate decides to take his aunts advice and marry Puleng. Is polygamy the answer to Suffocates troubles, or have they only just begun?

Suffocate and Puleng’s traditional Zulu wedding will be aired on at 7 PM on Wednesday 26 August 2015.


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