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Summer braids

By admin
31 October 2014

Who said braids were just for winter? These trendy styles will keep you looking hot throughout the festive season and cool under the blazing summer sun .

Picture from pintrest   Picture from pintrest

  • Add some drama to plain short braids by using boil to curl fiber like Darling Million braids fiber and curl the bottoms of your braids for a more stylish look without the bulk of the usual curly fibers like switch of soft-dread which can be difficult to handle in the summer heat .

braid bob

  •    Another great way to wear short braids is in a bob   using traditional fiber like Kinky budget which you can burn on the ends to keep the braid from entangling or decorate with beads . You can wear this style with or without the fringe for a throw back to the 90's that's still on trend .

picture from pintrest   picture from pintrest

  • If you really want long braids , experimenting with lighter fibers might be and option , Kanakelon braiding fiber , usually used for micro braiding is great for box twists espescially because it looks less shiny and plastic and more natural compared to other fiber types .  Getting fewer braids also helps in the heat and still looks great in an up do or hanging down past your shoulders .